Poland has a substantial geothermal potential when it comes to geothermal energy it has been harnessed far beyond reservoir potential.
Geothermal water has been used for balneotherapy in several spas for many years (some have old roots dating back to 13th century). In recent decade about ten new recreation centres were constructed, some more are in different stages of realisation. In case of energy purposes – it was only in last decade of 20th century when geothermal energy started to be used for space heating.
Currently (2016) only six geothermal heating plants are operating in the country. Despite prospective potential some of them are not developing according to the expectations. Moreover, the initiatives to construct new heating systems are limited. This situation needs an incentive and undertaking several actions.
Additionally, in some particular localities one may consider cogeneration of heat and power / several hundred kW/ (binary schemes; geothermal water temperatures ca. 80-100C, slightly more).
This project will focus on creating guidelines for development of the geothermal sector in Poland, identifying obstacles for greater use of geothermal energy and presenting it to a liable stakeholders with aim of achieving a positive and stimulating business environment.
The important scope of the project is a transfer of knowledge from the Icelandic partner to a Polish promoter. Geothermal energy has many uses with low emissions of greenhouse gases while at the same time it provides a solid basis for development of local industry and businesses. Therefore, key element of the project is to select a location for the geothermal pilot project to be realized in the next period and to enable preparation of the project in both technological and administrative issues. It will deal with selected town prospective to develop /introduce of the geothermal district heating system (as a continuation/extension of already operating system which
gives justified arguments for its further development).