Saving energy and promoting renewable energy sources

Operator: Ministry of Environment in the cooperation with National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.
Value of the programme from the EEA Grants: EUR 145 000 000.

Purpose of support:

  • Reduction of greenhouse gas emission and air pollution,
  • Increase share of energy produced from renewable sources within the overall energy consumption.

Selection of projects
It is planned to carry out one call for proposals. In addition, one predefined project will be implemented.

Areas of suppport:

  • Improving energy efficiency in buildings,
  • Increase of public awareness and education in energy efficiency (predefined projects),
  • Increase in the production of energy from renewable sources.

Types of eligible projects

  1. Retrofitting of public buildings for the needs of the public administration, higher education, health care and welfare.
  2. Replacement of outdated heat source for the above mentioned public buildings up to 3 MW with modern, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly sources of heat or electricity, including renewable-sources or sources of heat and electricity produced in cogeneration.

By heat or electricity sources using renewable energy to be understood:

  • Solar panels with an area of 100 m2 (including residential buildings),
    Photovoltaic systems,
  • Equipment for the use of biogas (with the exception of only electricity production),
  • Heat pumps,
  • Equipment for the use of energy from geothermal sources,
    Biomass boilers.
  1. Projects aimed at upgrading substations with total capacity of up to 5 MW for the above mentioned public buildings.

Eligible beneficiaries
Wielding or owners of buildings, heat or electricity, district heating and installation of machinery or equipment, which are public sector entities or non-state actors (performing public duties).

Co-financing amount and level

The minimum value of grants: EUR 170 000. The maximum value of grants: EUR 2 000 000. The level of co-financing: up to 80% of eligible costs for public sector entities, including local government units.

Partnership at project level

Partnership at project level is not required.

Pre-defined project

It is planned to implement one pre-defined project: Educational and promotional activities in the framework of energy efficiency and renewable energy sources, including the idea of environmentally friendly homes. Predefined project will be implemented by the Department of Environmental Information in the Ministry of Environment.